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Reed Switch based Reed Sensors, Hall Effect, Optical, Conductivity and Capacitance Probes, Pyrolectric  and Microwave Modules  are just the examples of the vast array of sensors we  design and manufacture in our factories.

           The industries we serve include automotive, security, home appliances, office automation, utilities, medical, HVAC, exercise equipment, food processing equipment, vending and others.

            Local engineering, customer service and sales support make all the difference. Worldwide support and fulfilment is especially appreciated by our global customers.

           Over the years we have developed a large number of unique sensor solutions based on reed switches, hall effect elements, optoelectronics, thermistors and others. This is in addition to a portfolio of industry standard sensors and standard reed switches which cross reference to leading sensor and reed switch companies. So when you think you need a custom sensor, there is a good chance we already have it. If we do not have, we can tool the required sensor solution, quickly and on a budget.   Please email us details and we will provide fast and no obligation quotes.

           In addition to industry standard products, we also offer customized sensors, assemblies with sensors/switches and contract manufacturing services. We make all tools in-house. We have excellent references from our clients. 

The quality is the fundamental principle of everything we do. Please give us a  try and see our technology at work for you.